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St. Francisville, LA
For festival schedule and tickets, visit www.walkerpercyweekend.org
2023 Events
Saturday, June 3, 2023
 9 am–10 pm
Literary Lectures & Discussions
On Saturday, lectures and presentations at historic venues around town.
Porch Tour & Bourbon Tasting
Inspired by Percy’s beloved essay “Bourbon, Neat,” the Saturday evening progressive stroll visits historic front porches along Royal Street to enjoy various whiskey cocktails.
Crawfish & Craft Beer Feast
The Saturday night feast returns to Prosperity Street, presenting peak-season crawfish and Louisiana craft beers, served at sunset in the heart of the Historic District. 
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Missy Couhig. (504) 427-0421 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Access All Events: A ticket providing admission to all events is $ 245
Parties & Porches: A ticket to all social events—the Friday night Bubbles & Barbecue dinner, and Saturday’s Bourbon Tour and Crawfish Boil events. No panels included. $ 180
Individual Tickets: Tickets to attend individual events, including the Friday Night Barbecue Dinner ($75), Saturday Lecture Series ($75), Bourbon Tour ($75), and Crawfish and Craft Beer ($50) events are available now. Space is limited.
For tickets visit www.walkerpercyweekend.org
2022 Presenters
is Professor of the Practice in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame and the Director of the Science and Religion Initiative of the McGrath Institute for Church Life, where he creates and directs programming that assists Catholic leaders in bringing the Catholic faith and modern science into dialogue for the sake of the New Evangelization. Baglow is the author of Faith, Science and Reason: Theology on the Cutting Edge (Midwest Theological Forum, 2019) and Creation: A Catholic’s Guide to God and the Universe (Ave Maria Press, 2021). He is a member of the executive board of the Society of Catholic Scientists where he serves as chair of its Theological Advisory Board.
is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, one of which, her memoir, Please Stop Laughing at Me… established her as the first voice of the anti-bullying movement in the U.S. and a prominent speaker in America’s schools. Her latest title and her debut as a novelist, I John Kennedy Toole, a New York Times New and Noteworthy Selection, is based on the true story behind A Confederacy of Dunces, Toole’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece. Blanco steps into Toole’s voice, presenting a persuasive new interpretation of the events that led to the making of the book that almost never was. Informed by the recollections of the publisher who discovered A Confederacy of Dunces forty years ago, Blanco’s co-author Kent Carroll, as well as interviews with Toole’s best friend and years of meticulous research retracing many of Toole’s movements, Blanco challenges everything the world thinks it knows about John Kennedy Toole.
Dave Duty is a retired public school administrator who lives in Lakeway, Texas. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in School Psychology/Educational Psychology in 1980. His dissertation was, to his knowledge, the only research project based upon the semiotic theories of Walker Percy. Percy was instrumental in the writing of this dissertation. Dr. Percy was appreciative that someone, even someone in the “softer” sciences, took his scientific ideas seriously enough to conduct actual field research. Over a dozen years, Dave and Dr. Percy had an occasional correspondence that explored these theories.
is an American sociologist, essayist, and author or editor of twenty-two books, most dealing with the contemporary American South. His writing has been described by the Washington Post as “provocative, instructive and amusing,” and by the San Francisco Review as “funny and erudite and annoying.” He has been Chancellor of the Fellowship of Southern Writers and is co-founder and Éminence Grease of the Campaign for Real Barbecue (TrueCue.org).
For years Reed taught at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, retiring in 2000 as William Rand Kenan Jr. Professor of Sociology and director of the Howard Odum Institute for Research in Social Science. He helped to found UNC’s Center for the Study of the American South and was co-founder of the quarterly SouthernCultures. Among his many books is Barbecue, which traces the history of Southern barbecue from its roots in the 16th century Caribbean. He lives in Chatham county, North Carolina.
(PhD, New York University) is associate professor of communication at Wheaton College. He earned his doctorate under the invitation of the late Neil Postman at NYU’s Media Ecology program. He is a member of the Media Ecology Association and the International Jacques Ellul Society. Dr. Schuchardt is an honorary Southerner who, despite being born a damn Yankee in the state of Vermont, was raised for the second half of his childhood in Savannah, GA, and whose great uncle was the singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer (most famous for “Moon River” which was the key song on the soundtrack to the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s, also released in 1961, the same year as The Moviegoer’s publication). THE SEVENTH ANNUA L
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