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On a hot June day in 1863, Union soldiers under the flag of truce came searching for fellow masons in St. Francisville to bury their commander with masonic honors. Confederate masons, put aside their differences and stopped the war for a short time to honor the higher calling of brotherly love. (read full story here)

On the second Saturday in June, Feliciana Lodge #31 along with St. George's Lodge #6 of Schenectady, NY re-enact this poignant moment of the Civil War. Visit The Day the War Stopped Facebook page

One must imagine what it was like,...you are in enemy territory, under a flag of truce, asking to bury a union soldier on confederate ground. And on the other side, you are a confederate soldier allowing a sworn enemy to not just be buried in a town that was decimated by union gun boats, but you are going to give him your burial plot. Somehow, the call of masonic brotherhood gave courage to those who needed it and the Day the War Stopped was born.

In 1997, WB and Judge, John R. Rarick, with the assistance of a few folks in the lodge and town recreated this event for the first time in St. Francisville and the event has grown each year attracting Masonic Brothers and Civil War Buffs from around the country.

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Saturday June 11,2022

Details will follow soon.